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Article title: Terms and Conditions

Article main body: 

For the stable and proper function of all itineraries as well as the providing of quallity service to our passengers - clients, the following terms and conditions apply to the usage of our services. 



All itineraries and pricelists that are depicted on our website  ( are valid and renewed daily by our company. For any service not present on the itineraries or pricelists we ask of any interested party to contact us to their earliest convenience.



The Crazy Holidays Tourism Agency refunds the 80% of the tickets original value if the passenger cancel at anytime from the moment of issue and up to eight (8) days prior ot departure. The full price of the ticket cannot be refunded if a period of seven (15) days or less remains until departure. The refunds for payment by card can only applied to Greek bank accounts or at the branch office were the initial payment was made. Refunds to foreign bank accounts are completed under charge of the recipient party. 



Ticket alterations can only be applied to the date and time of the travel and only once. It is Not possible for alterations to be made the destination of the ticket, or for the ticket to be transfered to a person other than the original passenger or for the tickets cash value to be used for the buying of another ticket. Alterations can be made up to two (2) hours prior to departure for all Bus Lines that go to Tourkey or Albania. For any other Bus Line, alterations can be made up to 15:00 noon of the day previous to departure. OPEN tickets are valid for up to three months since the date they were issued




The reservations for the Bus Lines that travel to Tourkey or Albania are valid for up to two (2) hours prior to departure. After that time limit the company holds no responsability for the cancelation of the reservations and any consequences that may entail.  For all other Bus Lines, reservation are  valid until 15:00 noon of the day previous to departure.



Every passenger can carry one (1) luggage up to twenty five (25) kg,  one (1) handbag up to eight (8) kg and a carry-on case with a laptop or tablet. Any additional luggage can be transfered after informing the office and paying any additional cost. 




In any case a passenger is underaged, they have to be escorted by at least one legal guardian that also carries a confirmation letter by the second Guardian (if alive) that they are allowed to travel abroad. Said confirmation letter must carry a seal of approval from a local Police Department

In case of underaged passengers that are part of a group (such as a basketball team for example) they should be escorted by an adult that holds written confirmation letterss from all legal guardians that they are allowed to travel abroad. Said confirmation letters must carry a seal of approval from a local Police Department

In the extreme case of uderage passenger having to travel abroad by themselves, they have to have a signed confirmation letter by their parrents that is sealed and stamped by the Police, that they will have to present during the issuing of the tickets, 




Having always in our mind the best treatment for all animals, we kindly ask of our passengers to contact us beforehand should they wish to travel with their pets in order for us to inform them as to the policies of each cooperating agency and visiting country as well as to advice them according to our professional experience for what whould be in the best interest for the health and convenience of their pets so that they can proceed into making an educated and responsible decision considering the conditions of traveling that each Bus Line provides.



Our Agecy thanks you for your Choice and your Trust. 


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